Cutting Acrylic with a Knife or Scriber

Acrylic sheets up to 3/16″ thick may be cut by a method similar to that used for cutting window glass. Use a scribing knife to score the sheet. Draw the scriber several times (7 or 8 times for a 3/16″ thick piece) along a straight edge held firmly in place. It is best not to remove the protective masking.

Make the cuts carefully using firm, even pressure. For best results make each stroke cleanly off the edge of the sheet. Then, clamp the acrylic sheet or hold it rigidly under a straight edge with the scribe mark hanging just over the edge of a table. Protect your hands with a cloth and apply a sharp downward pressure to the other side of the sheet.

It will break along the scratch. Scrape the edges to smooth any sharp corners. This method is not recommended for long breaks, thick material or edges that are to be glued.