Plastrip Heaters










The only consumer safe strip heater available. This flexible heater is made to lay on top of plastic, which is heated then bent to desired shape/angle.

This heater is used to make straight line bends.

Heater only reaches 280 degrees. It takes a little longer to heat but will not cause fires or severe burns. (120 volts)


29524″ Heater$49.95 ea
29648″ Heater$59.95 ea.


Buffing Equipment










Use this conveniently packaged Buffing Kit to remove fine scratches from plastics or to polish the edges of plastics.

Each kit contains a 4″ diameter cloth buffing wheel and a 2oz stick of buffing compound.

Use with the Arbor adapter pictured below.



416Buffing Kit$9.95 ea












The Arbor Adaptor has a 1/4” mandrel with 1/2” arbor to fit any hand held drill. Use with the buffing kit mentioned above.


417Arbor Adapter$5.99 ea



These bars of buffing rouge/compound are used to polish acrylic and other plastics with a buffing wheel.

Use red rouge first and follow with white rouge for a finished buffed surface.

Each bar weigh approximately 2 lbs each.


418Red Rouge Bar$5.65 ea
419White Rouge Bar$11.83 ea


Edge Scraper










This Edge Scraper has four functions in one. This unique tool removes saw marks from flat edges, bevels thick and thin material, and will radius edges quickly and evenly.


297Edge Scraper$10.95 ea.











Each pack contains 2 blades , one for up to 1/8″ material and one for material thicker than 1/8″.


302Saber Blades$4.75 ea.



drill bit new










These drill bits are specially designed for working with plastics. They produce a clean chip-free hole in acrylic and other plastics.

Excellent for hand drills.

90 degree point with 0 degree rake.

3031/8″$3.50 ea..
3045/32″$3.60 ea.
3053/16″$3.85 ea.
3061/4″$4.95 ea.
3075/16″$7.45 ea.
3083/8″$9.75 ea.
3097/16″$14.89 ea.
3101/2″$17.25 ea.